Is Social Media an Answer to All Our Communication Woes?

“Social media is not a media. The key is to listen, engage, and build relationships.”

David Alston

Gone are the days when social media platforms were meant to be used as a form of entertainment or simply a recreational activity. Now social media is a platform through which people do business, organizations use it to promote their brand, it’s a medium through which people voice out their opinions, interact with each other on both personal and professional levels. But is social media a key to resolve all our communication problems? Is it feasible?

Social media has completely transformed the system of doing business. Each and every industry, however big or small are using various social media applications and websites to promote their business. Product and service launches, CSR, PR have acquired a brand-new look because of the social media platform. A lot of instant publicity is garnered through this medium.

“Social Media puts the PUBLIC into PR and the MARKET into marketing.”

Chris Brogan, President of New Marketing Labs,

Here are some of the popular social media platforms that are widely used across the world.

  • Media Sharing Networks – Instagram, Youtube, Flickr
  • Relationship based Networks – Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+
  • Social Publishing Platforms – Twitter, WordPress
  • Discussion Forums – Quora, Reddit, Digg
  • Bookmarking Sites – Pinterest, Flipboard
  • Interest-Based Networks – Goodreads, Soundcloud

These diverse forms of social media platforms have given a new face to the modern-day communication. Businesses from varied sectors are thriving and reaching newer heights because of these applications and websites. Networking and socializing all over the globe have not only become immensely popular but also a convenient tool.

Social media has undoubtedly brought about a huge change in the world of generic communication, bringing news and knowledge from around the globe, connecting people from everywhere, but unfortunately it has still not paved the way for regular interaction on an individual level and has a very generalist approach.

The other major factor in demoting social media is privacy. Most organizations have very sensitive data, marketing plans and strategies, tender quotations, etc. which are highly confidential and they follow a confidentiality norm with their respective clients. So, in such a scenario, the use of social media is very limited.

Sharing any confidential information on social media platforms either on a professional level or on a personal level becomes a huge source of risk as privacy is often violated. Privacy and interpersonal relationship, both professional and personal still thrives on face to face interaction.

“Privacy is dead, and social media hold the smoking gun.”

Pete Cashmore, Mashable CEO

Social media also poses a curse in disguise by creating a sense of addiction for people to have an active presence on social media either through constant uploading of status messages and pictures or tweets or sharing their opinions on forums and blogs. Having a large number of friends and followers on social media platforms give a sense of false pride but in reality, how many of us actually interact with them on a personal level?

Social media platforms have come very close to facilitate interpersonal communication. But the need for physical presence, privacy, face to face interaction outweigh all the new-age features and functions like Virtual Reality (VR) and video calling that these applications and websites offer.

 With the advancement of technology, we hope that it would bridge all the gaps and end all our communication woes. But as of now social media does not provide a fool proof solution to end our communication glitches.

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